Simple & Flexible Tablet Based EPOS

Take complete control over your business whilst saving your staff time through our quick and efficient order-taking system.

POS in IPad

EFFICIENT Point of Sale Solution

rPOS continues to surprise managers, bar staff and hoteliers alike with its amazingly quick and simple interface.

Coupled with a full range of reporting, and the flexibility to adapt to your particular requirements it is easy to see why rPOS is not only a great addition to our other offerings but a great EPOS solution in its own right.

Quick and Simple Interface

Many EPOS providers seem to forget that time spent ringing through an order is wasted time. rPOS ensures first and foremost that this process is as quick and simple as possible, thereby reducing your staff costs, reducing customer wait time, and increasing throughput of orders.


rPOS on the iPad is fully portable, enabling staff to take orders by the table side, or have an extra screen on hand for those rush periods. rPOS can also run on an iPad mini, the ideal size for your floor staff to carry with them.


Build a database of loyal customers by setting up instant member accounts with cards. By placing a customer’s member card on the rPOS reader, it will display their details and allow you to activate their card for use in the venue.

Staff Messaging

Messages are sent direct to staff to streamline service. Messages include requests for help, food order ready and consumption limit alerts.

A Full Range of REPORTING

To improve your business you need to understand your business.

That’s why rPOS comes with a full range of reporting capabilities to meet any and all requirements.

Cash Control

Have a permanent and accurate record of any cash variances, and be alerted to them the minute they arise with rPOS Cash Up. Instead of cashing up on a spreadsheet, which can be modified or deleted, your staff will enter their cash up on rPOS where once submitted, the values cannot be changed.

Cloud Accounting Integration

With rPOS Xero integration, all of your sales data and purchases entered at cash up are automatically posted to Xero cloud accounting. Simply email, or take a photo of your invoices and you have access to a full and always up to date payment plan that would have taken hours to put together, only to be out of date the next day. Two more clicks and you are presented with a full, up to the day, detailed profit and loss for your business, without a penny being spent on a bookkeeper or accountant.

Stock Control

Through rPOS Stock Manager you’ll always have an up to the minute view of your theoretical stock levels, allowing you to perform full stock counts, or line checks quickly and easily. Stock Manager will allow you to enter deliveries to update your stock levels, and recipes will ensure that you can track your stock for the more complicated menu items, such as food and cocktails.
Save time and reduce your holding stock with more accurate ordering through par order reports that provide a recommended order based on your sales data and current stock levels.

A Point of Sale Solution to FIT YOUR NEEDS

rPOS has a flexible design, and a development process that responds to real customer needs.

If you’ve been struggling to find a solution that meets your requirements, or find that the ones that do, are expensive and full of complex features, we’re confident we can help.


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