The Automated KegSWITCHER connects multiple kegs to dispense individually for a single line. The piston trigger system is programmed to switch to the next keg in the series when the previous keg empties, while simultaneously preventing the intermixing of keg content and contamination.

The Automated KegSWITCHER switches from the first to second keg utilising a Foam Control Device (Beer FOB). Additional kegs can be added to the automated system with the introduction of KegSWITCHER units.


The KegSWITCHER allows you to seamlessly switch from one keg to another while the FOB stops beer flow instantly when the final keg in the series empties keeping the supply line full of beer, which is not wasted as foam when a new keg is tapped.


Features and Benefits

Foam on Beer Detector
  • Engineering Grade plastics and design
  • Low Interior Volume in combination with injector tubes prevents build-up
  • Simple Installation
  • Easy to operate
  • No additional equipment or electrical requirements
  • Operates between 2PSI – 100PSI
  • Incorporates FOBs with different base configurations
  • Reduce time wasted from changing keg after keg
  • There is no need to tap a new keg at the moment it empties
  • Eliminates beer wastage and its associated costs
  • Product quality and consistency are preserved
  • Less frequent scheduled tapping
  • At any time, any keg OTHER than the one currently tapped can be changed
  • Brewery Approved
KegSwitcher in series

The KegSWITCHER will not

Dilute or compromise the fresh keg

Affect the Glycol System

Require specific temperature, PSI and CO2 balances

Alter the process to clean beer lines

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