A Full Self-Service Ordering Experience

Order food or drink from the comfort of your table, without having to get the attention of waiting staff.

Food and Drink Ordering

iPads sit on your restaurant tables so guests can order at any time and pay from their seats without having to wait.



Via the easy to use and engaging iPad menu on their table, customers can order food or drink without leaving their seat. You’ll be offering table service but without the associated increase in staff costs, as customer’s orders are sent direct to the kitchen.

Help button

A help button is available on every iPad, ensuring your customers are never left confused about how to use the system, or trying to get the attention of a staff member.

Order, Play, Pay

Allow guests to play trivia and other games on the iPad at their own table.


Provide your customers with direct access to your jukebox, right from their table. The fee for a track is added straight to the customers tab so there’s no fumbling around for change, and no costly cash collections and servicing for you.

Games and promotions

A range of games and promotional features are available to keep customers entertained, and to drive further sales of key products.

Internet access

rMenu comes with internet access from every iPad, perfect for checking a fact on Google to win a classic pub debate, or showing your friends a YouTube video. It also helps keep customers entertained while they wait for their group to arrive.

Interactive Advertising

Each rMenu iPad can scroll a series of adverts when not in use, or on the homepage.

These can be used to advertise in-house events or promotions, or the space can be sold to local businesses, or suppliers. By tapping an advert a customer can be taken to any web page, or even to the menu containing the advertised product.

rMenu Advertising

Improved take-up of in-house offers or events.

Make extra revenue or secure discounts through offering to local businesses or suppliers.

Increase food sales through mouth-watering images that click straight through to the product on your menu.

Your Profits will Soar

While rMenu drives first time visits through its novelty value, customers order more frequently, stay longer and keep coming back as the barriers to the ordering process simply aren’t there.

Low Up-Front Costs

With minimal installation required, up front costs and lead times can be kept low.

Up-Sell 100% of the time

Never miss an upsell! rMenu prompts patrons for options on any item.

Faster Table Turn

Don’t make your guests wait – allow them to browse the menu, order, and pay themselves.

Satisfy Impulse Orders

When craving something extra, your diners can view, order and pay before having second thoughts.

10% Sales Boost

Capture impulse orders and increase food sales through mouth-watering images that click straight through to the product on your menu.

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