Foam On Beer detectors (FOBs) are used to stop beer foam from entering the beer line when a keg empties and a new keg is tapped.


A FOB is placed in the cooler room, between the keg and the tap, and contains a float that seals the out valve when the keg blows. This float prevents pressurised carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the beer line after re-tapping, creating a clean flow of beer without the need to drain the line.

And because the FOB keeps the supply lines full of beer, even when a keg blows, you get instant beer from a freshly tapped keg. That’s right – no more time and money is wasted pouring off foam in order to get to the good stuff.


Features and Benefits

  • Our use of the high quality “Engineering Grade” plastics, and design modifications, have made the FOB extremely durable and strong. Although we don’t recommend it, the FOB is strong enough to lift a full keg off of the ground.
  • The FOB can be fitted with different base configurations.(see below for details)
  • Easy to operate. After changing keg’s beer flow can be restored with the twist of the wrist.
  • Simple installation takes less than five minutes.
  • The non-intrusive design allows it to be installed without having to make changes to the existing system (cutting into supply lines, new fittings etc.).
  • Installation can be done directly on the keg connector.
Foam on Beer Detector FOB
  • Saves money as the system will nearly eliminate all beer wasted when re-tapping a keg.
  • Eliminate beer spraying when a keg empties.
  • Reduce time to pour from a new Keg as you can pour a pint of beer immediately after you re-tap the keg and without the need to drain the line.
  • The Fobs Detector prevents the wasting of dispense gas, particularly important where mixed gas systems are used and gas costs are higher.
  • Easy servicing the units as the FOB can be completely taken apart and put back together in a few minutes.
  • Hygienic benefits by maintaining an always full draught dispense supply line reduces bacterial growth.

Different FOB base configurations

For Keg Mount Base

G5/8” female inlet and a G5/8” male outlet.

F8/M8 1/2” female inlet and a 1/2” male outlet. Designed to be used on MicroMatic tapping heads.

1/2” female inlet with 3/8” John Guest SpeedFit on the outlet.

G5/8” female inlet with 3/8” John Guest SpeedFit on the outlet.

For Wall Mount Base

G5/8” male inlet and outlet.

3/8” John Guest SpeedFit on the inlet and the outlet. Accepts 3/8 ” O.D. tubing.

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