Wall of Beer Taps

Create a unique beer wall feature and give your customers freedom to pour their own.

Beer Wall

Maximise customer choice

rWall lets you offer your customers the ultimate self-serve beer experience. Well suited to craft beer venues, or any venue with a large range of draught beers or ciders, rWall allows the customer to try a large range of beers, in amounts of their choice.

Sell more during peak times

It is simple: The quicker you can serve, the more money you take.

Customers pay for every drop

Improve the yield from your taps, with customers paying for every drop dispensed.

Loyalty Cards

Offer your customers member cards that hold a pre-pay balance, taking away the need for them to leave a credit card or wait to pay their tab. Pre-loaded member cards also act a driver for repeat visits, allowing you to identify each customer and access a full history of visits for targeted marketing.

Minimise staff costs

Every customer using rWall is one less customer using your bar, and by selling prepay member cards or fixed value beer cards, customers can begin using the wall with minimal staff involvement.

How it WORKS

To improve your business you need to understand your business.

That’s why rPOS comes with a full range of reporting capabilities to meet any and all requirements.

Charge your Card

Your customer will be issued an RFID card upon checking their ID. They can run a tab by leaving a credit card with a staff member or they can pre-load a Rand amount.

Scan & Pour

Insert your beer card into the slot next to the desired tap and the system will be activated. Your customer will see their available funds on the main display, what they’ve consumed and, most importantly, be able to pour the beverage of their choice.


Customers enjoy their new-found freedom to refill at their leisure, sample new beers, and have a fantastic time with their friends.

Beer Wall in Action

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Self Service Mobile Beer Wall

rWall Self-Service Beer Wall


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