Beer Taps At Your Table

Wow your customers while taking pressure off your bar with self-serve beer taps at customer tables.

Beer Table

Serve more customers during busy times

No need to worry about waiting for service at the bar or table again!

Sell more during peak times

It is simple: The quicker you can serve, the more money you take.

Customers pay for every drop

Improve the yield from your taps, with customers paying for every drop dispensed.

Loyalty Cards

Offer your customers member cards that hold a pre-pay balance, taking away the need for them to leave a credit card or wait to pay their tab. Pre-loaded member cards also act a driver for repeat visits, allowing you to identify each customer and access a full history of visits for targeted marketing.

Minimise staff costs

Every customer using rWall is one less customer using your bar, and by selling prepay member cards or fixed value beer cards, customers can begin using the wall with minimal staff involvement.

How it WORKS

Activate table

The Beer tables do not allow beer to pour from the taps until a staff member grants them access through our Staff Controller. Both prepaid and postpaid options are available

Pay for what you pour

Your guests can view exactly how many milliliters were consumed and the associated Rand amount. Your guests leave happy that they got great service, a unique experience and something to tell their friends about.

Table Taps inĀ Action


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